1. Requirements:

+ CPU Quad core, atleast 4GB RAM

+ Ubuntu Server 18 and 20 Only

2. Installing:

+ Access to the server with root account

+ Ubuntu 18 intaller: wget

+ Ubuntu 20 intaller: wget

+ chmod +x

+ ./


1. Register:

+ Register an account Here

+ You will get guide via registered email after some minutes

2. Configuring:

+ Login into your panel

+ Change your admin password

+ Download Android IPTV app from Google play.

+ Create streams and go to market.

How do I create stream?

1. Firstly, you must configure your or IP address correctly at installing step

+ Go to menu: Streamers --> Manage Streamers

2. Go to menu Live Streams --> Add Stream

How do I create Package Channel?

1. We provide a way to organize channels named Package.

+ Go to menu: Subscribers --> Channel Packages

2. We provide 3 packages for free version.

How do I create user and subscriber?

1. Go to menu: Subscriber --> Add User

2. Go to menu: Subscriber --> Add Subscriber

How do I create stream links for user?

1. Go to menu: Subscriber --> Manage Users

2. Click on GetLinks menu

How do I stop/restart a stream?

1. Go to menu: Transcoder --> Restart / Stop Profiles

2. Choose a stream --> Save. It will take affect after about 2 minutes

How do I see which user are watching?

1. Go to menu: Statistic --> Online Users

2. Which channels online? Go to menu: Statistic --> Up/Down Streams Statistic

How many channels and users I can create?

1. In free version, you can use 20 channels

2. We support unlimited users

How do I BAN a users?

1. You can ban a user if he is sharing account for others

2. Statistic --> Online Users --> BAN, Or Subscriber --> Manage Users

How to use free android app?

1. Download Android IPTV app from Google play.

2. Configuring content server address for the app. The address is where panel installed

3. Creation/register account/subscriber.

4. Login into the android app.

Need Help?

Our service:

+ Tuning server for best performance

+ Setup and Configuration

+ ...Contacting us.